Hushhh-a-bye Baby Books
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From 2012 to 2013, Rachel Zegar developed a company called Hushhh-a-bye Baby Books. Hushhh-a-bye Baby Books were personalized children’s books made with professional photographer’s photos. These personalized children’s books were jacketed, hardcover books where the children were part of the story, not generic photo books like Shutterfly or books where the child’s name is plugged into the story. They were beautiful keepsakes for parents to pass down to their children and wonderful gifts for grandparents.

The books offered were:
-Hush-a-Bye, Baby (Newborn Lullabies)
-ABC (Custom Alphabet Book)
-Toyland (Christmas Songs)
-Sugar & Spice (Girl Nursery Rhymes)
-Slugs & Snails (Boy Nursery Rhymes)